Ricarda Röller

How NbS Can Make Your Company Nature Positive

Nov 10 2022



How Nature-based Solutions Can Make Your Company Nature Positive

One question we are asked again and again is: “How can we as a company contribute to CO2 sequestration and promote biodiversity at the same time?”

This is exactly the topic in our Director of Nature-Based Climate Solutions, Dr. Nicola Rodewald, and Head of Business Development, Ricarda Röller, covered in our recent webinar, explaining how companies can use Nature-based Solutions to achieve a holistic positive impact on nature and thus become “Nature Positive”.

Our team covers:

  • What are the types of Nature-based Solutions and what are their benefits?
  • What does “Nature Positive” mean?
  • How can your company become “Nature Positive” by using Nature-based Solutions?

Download the slide deck from the webinar. If you want to watch the webinar recording in full, click here.