Aleksandr Sakharov

How to Finance Nature-based Solutions

Sep 13 2022


Close up image of a mangrove forest and mangrove roots in water

Leveraging the Voluntary Carbon Market to Finance Nature-based Solutions

Are you developing a Nature-based Solution but struggling with scaling the project to its full potential? Our webinar details how project developers can leverage the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) to create scalable and successful projects.

Join our Director of Nature-based Solutions, and resident Biologist Dr. Nicola Rodewald, to learn how the VCM can help finance your project.

Dr. Rodewald covers:

• How the VCM works and how NbS projects can benefit
• The requirements NbS projects need to fulfill to profit from the VCM
• Carbon standards and the required steps to take
• The financial flows that can be expected from the VCM
• How projects can address the upfront financing gap