Zelal Aktas

A Brief Summary of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Sep 30 2022 | 2 MINS READ


farmer carrying seaweed in bucket

The IPCC report is usually regarded as a call to action for the nation states and the public sector, but its messages are relevant to the global community.

The main message? “it is now or never” .

The report emphasizes that without drastic changes, there is no way to meet the 1.5°C target, as governments have been failing at reaching emission reduction targets. Furthermore, reduction of our carbon footprint is no longer enough; we must turn to removal options and leverage nature’s ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are a tried-and-true method, however, they need to be scaled up to stimulate necessary emission reductions.

As the private sector we have both a large hand in the climate crisis, but just as much of a potential to drive climate action. Heeding the IPCC’s warnings and leveraging our financial capacity as the private sector, is the kind of support that will initiate the necessary policy changes. Inaction will be more costly than any action we take now.

Mitigating activities, such as NbS projects, are not only saving the environment but have much better financial prospects than the cost of adapting when it is already too little too late.

So, let’s take action! The IPCC is showing us how. Read the full report here .