Nicola Rodewald

goodcarbon Insights: Regenerative Agriculture

Mar 13 2023


man walking in the crop field


As the vital role of our global soils in addressing the climate crisis while continuing to feed humanity in a changing climate is increasingly recognized, regenerative agriculture projects are becoming more numerous and widespread. Regenerative agriculture projects are already featured on the VCM with projects in the US and Europe making up the majority of the overall carbon credits, though markets in other parts of the world are currently emerging.

Therefore, it is important to help buyers understand the different types of regenerative agriculture projects and the differences between them to enable buyers to identify and support only those projects characterized by high quality and integrity.

That is the purpose of this report. It offers an overview of the current state of play of regenerative agriculture in the VCM. This will include an overview of different project types and their respective benefits as well as current challenges that need to be overcome.

In the fight against the climate and the biodiversity crises, governments, corporates, investors, and individuals all have the responsibility to work together towards solutions that will effectively address global warming and biodiversity loss. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) play an important role in those efforts.

goodcarbon Insights is a series on different topics in the space of NbS and the VCM and aims to inform market participants about different project types, their impacts and challenges, and important quality and integrity aspects of carbon and biodiversity projects. We at goodcarbon want to share our passion on ecosystem conservation and restoration and inspire other stakeholders to work with us on global action towards net zero and nature positivity.

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